About London Clean and Green

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London Clean & Green 
The London Clean & Green is a city-wide community clean-up day scheduled around Earth Day in April each year.  The goal is to spruce up the Forest City for the spring season.  Participants plotted their targeted location on our map, grabbed their family, neighbours & friends and got out in a favourite space or park to pitch in with this huge community driven spring litter clean-up campaign. 

20 Minute London Makeover
Thank you to London businesses, institutions and schools for getting involved in cleaning up their property and nearby shared spaces.  This initiative is an excellent way to show community spirit and environmental stewardship.  Participants were encouraged to take 20 minutes out of their work day to clean up.  Congratulations to the London Home Builders Association and the Digital Echidna teams who won the random draws for the Joe Kool's pizza lunch by posting a photo on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or emailing us, using the hashtag #20MinuteMakeover & #519CleanGreen.  It is amazing the difference that 20 minutes of litter pickup can make!

Still want to be more involved?  Why not join ReForest London for a tree planting event or Adopt-a-Park in your neighbourhood?  There are plenty of ways to beautify the Forest City!  Check out the London Environmental Network Calendar of Events for more opportunities.

London Clean & Green Partners & Supporters

  • Amway
  • Budweiser Gardens
  • City of London
  • Dillon Consulting
  • Fanshawe College
  • Joe Kools
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Labatt Brewery
  • London Environmental Network
  • London Heritage Council
  • London Home Builders Association
  • London Public Library
  • Million Tree Challenge
  • Miller Waste Systems
  • NeighbourGood London
  • ReForest London
  • Sifton Properties Limited
  • TD
  • Thames Region Ecological Association
  • Thames River Rally
  • Thames Talbot Land Trust
  • Trails Open London
  • TRY Recycling
  • Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
  • Winmar

London Clean & Green - Background Information
London Clean & Green originated in 1996 as a single day event aimed at gathering volunteers to clean up the garbage and graffiti in London's downtown core. Over the years the event grew to include more and more volunteers, to cover a larger area, and involve a variety of organizations. London Clean & Green helps to coordinate the work of various organizations in cleaning up London parks, roadways, business sites, schoolyards, and the Thames River during the spring period.
London Clean & Green welcomes and appreciates the effort that any individual or organization would like to give to improve or preserve the environmental wellbeing of our community.